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All Elite Water LLC custom water systems for every family. We want to ensure you get the right system at the right price. We use our experience and expertise to educate our customers on which system will accomplish their goal in providing the cleanest water possible for their families.

Welcome to All Elite Water, LLC – with over a DECADE of experience in the water treatment industry, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your family gets the right water solution for your budget and your specific needs. We use our experience and expertise to design a variety of systems, so you the customer, can choose the right product at the right price. “We do the research so you don’t have to!” If you’re in the market for a new water softener in Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, or any other location within the metro Phoenix area, then you’re going to want to call All Elite Water today.
Mother and baby sitting in an open field outside. Mother is feeding baby some delicious filtered water which was provided by her water softener system installed by All Elite Water - Water Softener near Chandler AZ
Does your drinking water taste off?

We can help!

Close up image of a woman holding a bar of pink soap in her shower. The shower has no white streaks from hard water build up due to the installation of a water softener in Chandler Arizona
Do you have white spots on your shower glass?

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Does your drinking water have contaminants?

We can help!

Beautiful brunette drinking purified water from her tap water from glass at the kitchen.
Need to upgrade your water system?

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Get a Custom Solution with the BEST technology

We conduct ongoing research and development to ensure that we offer our clients only the highest performing solutions which address a wide variety of hard water problems. We’re always researching and vetting new products and technologies so that we can offer you cutting edge solutions at affordable prices. Learn more about the companies we utilize and the products designed specifically for your needs!

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Use the latest technologies to crystalize calcium and magnesium which helps prevent build up on faucets and appliances. no salt


Whole home water filters remove chlorine and up to 50 other potential contaminants from the city water.


Treat your family to softer skin and hair. All those issues with itchy dry skin, spotty dishes and bad laundry will be gone!


Reverse osmosis is the most effective way to purify your tap water. We can help you comb through the best options for your needs!


Add minerals back into your drinking water through the final stage of reverse osmosis.

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Benefits of Clean Water in Your Home

 Safe, clean water is a fundamental human right. If you’re in a first-world country, it should not be a challenge to find safe water for you to consume. Not every place is too lucky. Not every water is equal, and hard water is not something you want. While it’s not a health risk for you,…

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Signs You Needs a Water Softener at Home

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Need to determine which solution is right for you?

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Customized Residential Water Solutions

Water Softener in Chandler, Phoenix, and All Surrounding Cities

At All Elite Water, we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the correct system. Most companies have 1 or 2 of their favorite products they try to steer you into. Do you want to pay the price for a system designed for a family of 10 if you’re single? Of course not! We’re here to help with an unbiased view. We want to educate you about water to help you decide what’s best for your family. Salt? No Salt? We find in our years of experience the best way to serve our customer is by listening. This approach helps to ensure that you get the best possible water softener/conditioner, based around your exact needs.

Water filtration and purification systems have been shown to reduce 99% of contaminants, including arsenic, iron, lead, mercury, radium, and much much more! If your water leaves white residue on your glassware or shower glass, if your water smells and tastes off, if you noticed that your hair is dry and withered, if your laundry is fading fast, if your skin is dry, itchy, and ashy… then chances are, you have HARD water. The companies we recommend have systems proven to reduce water hardness to give you delicious, streak-free, and SAFE water for your family and pets. In addition to reducing the problems associated with hard water, a custom system from an All Elite Water recommendation and solution will end up saving you time and money.

Let us test your water for FREE and find out what the best system is for you. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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Ready to stop buying bottled water? Ready for healthier hair and teeth? Ready to get rid of hard water spotting on your dishware and shower fixtures? You need a water softener in Chandler AZ + surrounding areas!

Water Softener in Chandler AZ, Phoenix AZ & All of Maricopa County

Why You Need an All Elite Water Water Softener and RO System

Residents of Phoenix all have this one thing in coming – they have hard water running through their pipes. All Elite Water is here to fix that. But before we jump into the specifics of how we can help, it’s beneficial to understand some of the terminology we use. So the first question is…

What is Hard Water?

When we say “hard water” we’re talking about water that has more than normal amounts of dissolved magnesium and calcium. The US government does not necessarily classify hard water as a health risk (even though there are some health concerns that stem from drinking too much hard water) but hard water is certainly a major nuisance because of the way it adversely affects the taste of drinking and tap water, the mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures and increased water spots and soap scum on bathroom surfaces like shower doors and sinks.

That’s what so many folks are installing water softener systems in their homes today. The water that gets fed to you through your pipes from the city’s water facility is filtered, but only to minimal standards. By the time that water reaches your tap, it still contains excessive minerals that are less than ideal.

This is Why Your Tap Water Tastes Horrible (And Bottled Water Tastes Delicious)

Are you one of those people (or in one of those families) that goes to the store and buys cases of bottled water every month for drinking? Or are you a big water jug person, refilling your water jugs each week to have decent drinking water? That craziest thing about going to the store to buy water, is that you already have water coming out of your tap at home. The only reason why you’re buying the bottled stuff is because it tastes so much better… am I right?

That’s where All Elite Water comes in. Imagine never having to load up on cases of bottled water again – or refilling those massive water jugs ever again. Imagine the water that comes out of your tap being as delicious as the stuff you get in bottles! Well with one of All Elite Water’s water softener systems, you no longer have to imagine it. That can be your reality!

Are You Searching for a Water Softener in Chandler or Phoenix AZ? We Can Help

We are experts when it comes to reverse osmosis systems (recommendations, installations, etc.) as well as all questions pertaining to the installation of water softener in Chander and surrounding areas. All Elite Water will speak with you about your exact needs to find out what system will work best for you. Every home and family is different – different needs, different budgets, and different house setups. That’s why the first step is to speak with one of our expert consultants and tell us about what you need. Once we have an idea of what type of water softener and/or reverse osmosis setup will be the right one for you, we will get you on track for a system purchase plus installation service (Ask us about our financing!). That’s all there is to it! After the installation is completed, you can enjoy amazing drinkable water right out of your tap! No more scum on the refrigerator door, no more calcium buildup on your pipes! Experience the All Elite difference today!


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